Kirinyaga National Tournament 14th - 15th May 2011

I would like to thank all scrabblers for bearing with me during my absence in the last two months due to illness. Below are the details of the above said tournament, more will be posted as we go on:
Masters – 500Ksh and 600Ksh after 8.00 am 14th May 2011
Students – 250Ksh and 350Ksh after 8.00 am 14th May 2011
Fare and Location:
Fares are from 150Ksh to 350Ksh to Mwea depending on the means of transport. Buses are 150Ksh.
Fixtures Sec.


  1. Can one pay a non refundable commitment fee and make up the balance on the day of the tournament?!

  2. So nice to hear about the scrabble tournament. Guys you can get some help for your practice here..
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  3. i love to join scrabble club, specially i find it very challenging and very educational..i have learned some new words lately and i am glad for it..