Masters Championship of the Champion - January 22nd to 23rd 2011.

The sponsor for this tournament is F.M. Wachira at a tune of Ksh. 10,000 and other non monetary prizes

Participation is by invitation only. Registration is Ksh. 500 which should reach Gitonga Nderitu on Mpesa No. 0722 377288 no later than Friday 21st January 2011. There will be no registration on Saturday.

The championship will be a 20 round event with 10 games each day, there will be 6 rounds Australian, another 6 rounds Australian and 8 rounds king of the hill.


Position 1 – Ksh. 6,000

Position 2 – Ksh. 4,000

Position 3 – Ksh. 2,000

Position 4 – Ksh. 1,000

Position 5 – Ksh. 750

Position 6 – Ksh. 500

Up to position 10 there will be non monetary prizes.

The Invitees are:

1. Jared Omolo

2. Allan Oyende

3. Mackton Wafula

4. Francis Theuri

5. Francis Wachira

6. Patrick Litunya’

7. Victor Ikawa

8. Nicholas Mbugua

9. Bernad Amuke

10. Manase Otieno

11. Nicholas Midiwo

12. Willy Mwangi

13. David Kangethe

14. Joseph Chavutia

15. Stanely Njoroge

16. Martin Mwaka

17. Macharia Kimani

18. Bernard Koyoko

19. Magwanga Onani

20. Fred Magu

21. Cecilia Ruto

22. Jack Omondi

23. Charles Kariuki

24. Gitonga Nderitu

25. Phillip Edwin Mughisa

Clocks will start at 9.00am.

Each player is expected to bring a clock and a championship scrabble board.


Marketing society of Kenya headquarters in Kileleshwa Nairobi. Directions can be found through Google or you can take bus No. 48 at the city centre to Kileleshwa.


  1. when i was young i used to join scrabble contest at school but i quit playing because i became busy with my studies and i need to focus..when i played again i do miss the game specially i do enjoyed playing it